Past Performance

Frederick Wildman and Sons

NGA is currently guiding senior leadership through a multi-year transformational journey by providing program and project management services for a cross functional ERP system implementation for five (5) departments Conducted business process analysis by documenting over 50 current state processes and identifying recommendations for improvement and are now working alongside the client to create a roadmap for new workflow and technology implementations to support ideal future state processes and business operations. After providing guidance on how to restructure the IT department, we are now implementing the proposed changes and creating a digital roadmap and strategic vision for the next three years.

  • Start Date: Nov 20, 2020
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Small business subcontractor for workforce transformation, providing recommendations on the development of a framework and plan for workforce transformation that includes organization change, communications, employee recruitment and retention, digital transformation, diversity, equity and inclusion and other strategies. Conducted leadership interviews, facilitated five change leadership roundtable discussions, designed, and conducted a benchmark survey with Federal Government Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) and external Financial Services Industry Leaders. Capturing and recommending best practices.

  • Start Date: 10/01/22
  • End Date: 12/31/22
  • Value: $144,000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

Prefabricated Panel Manufacturer

Conducted a digital implementation and transformation readiness assessment to identify and define a roadmap for adopting digital technologies like AI, robotic automation and system integrations. This included documenting to-be processes and identifying opportunities for automation, vendor interviews and tool recommendations, two-year budget creation, workforce training and two-year software implementation timeline as well as recommended internal hires.

  • Start Date: 6/23
  • End Date: 7/23
  • Value: #34,000.00
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

International Spirits Manufacturer

Digital readiness assessment for supply chain functions (demand planning, inventory management, logistics and distribution) and employee training schedule for digital enablement and Microsoft tools (Sharepoint, Dynamics ERP, Azure, Office).

  • Start Date: 4/23
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

State MEP

Program Management for Emerging Business Program for small and medium manufacturers focused on digital supply chain, IoT and automation

  • Start Date: 5/23
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request